Nushmia Khan

Based out of New York City, Nushmia Khan is a documentary filmmaker and freelance photojournalist. Her work is centered around human interest pieces, as she aims to encourage understanding by fostering interest and making the alien familiar.

Nushmia is co-founder of  Zujaja Creative, a UNC Journalism School graduate, and PADI certified.



She currently works in the innovative online video education field at Columbia University. Her work has been used in publications such as The Chicago Tribune, Dawn.Com, The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, ILLUME Magazine, The New Inquiry, The Islamic Monthly, The Daily Tar Heel, America.Gov, Asia Society,  and The Aerogram, among others.

She is a 2013 Chicago Filmmakers Grant Winner.


Visual Journalist & Multimedia Designer


Here is the draft trailer for a documentary series called “The Dunya Series”, a commentary on American Muslims and materialism. The series will be three parts: on fashion, on music and entertainment, and on marriage. The series is being funded by the Chicago Filmmaekers’ Chicago Digtial Media Fund.

A class exercise demonstrating our interview skills in the form of the game “Two Truths & A Lie.”

A photo stop-motion of the quotidian beauty of Lahore. Published on Dawn.Com (Pakistan’s first newspaper), AsiaSociety.Org and

Thelbert Green, 60, has recently begun to read three syllable words. Green was never able to read because he is dyslexic, and could not find the help he needed until he was paired with a tutor at the Orange County Literacy Council last year. Published on The Daily Tarheel,

Wafa Zarzour and her son Khaled fled Syria in the summer of 2012 for Chicago, where Wafa’s daughter Hadia lives. They have since found themselves effectively stranded and unable to return. Now far away from home, we take a small peak into their attempts to retain a facade of normalcy and routine. Wafa finds some solace in learning English and making friends, but Khaled finds it hard to cope, dealing with strong feelings of shame and regret.The title of the short echoes the famous “From Damascus…this is Cairo!” tagline, frequently used by Syrian broadcast agencies reporting on events occurring in Egypt during the 1956 Arab-Israeli war. Egyptian broadcasting had been more or less silenced by French and British fighter jets, and so this line came to symbolize solidarity and strength across borders. Published on ILLUME Magazine,  

Reflections on the Muslim process of burial from two of the female washers at the IAR mosque in Raleigh, NC. Unlike many other traditions, Muslims are given a very simple burial ceremony. After being washed and applied with perfume, the body is wrapped in biodegradable sheets and placed directly into the earth. This tradition can be related to the Qur’anic verse, “From the earth We created you, into it We shall return you, and from it We shall raise you a second time.” [Qur'an 20:55] Published on Dawn.Com (Pakistan’s first newspaper)

Twelve years ago, one man’s pension fund provided the seed money for what would provide 19 years of “privileged education to the underprivileged” in Lahore. The Teach A Child (TAC) School now has over 180 students enrolled. Published on Dawn.Com (Pakistan’s first newspaper)

Doug Gruehn, a member of the Army funeral honors guard in Wisconsin, has volunteered to play taps at funerals since he retired from his civilian job in 2003. Published on the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel,



Nushmia’s skills range from video and photojournalism, to motion graphics, to web & interactive user experience design.


  • Final Cut Pro 91%
  • DSLR Shooting 90%
  • Motion & After Effects 67%
  • CMS, HTML, CSS Design 73%
  • Photoshop 79%


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